About us


Morgan S.A. de C.V.

We are a socially responsible company, we contribute to beautify Honduras protecting the environment, we are committed with our team of collaborators to collect ferrous and non-ferrous materials to prevent pollution in our basins protecting the environment, we help our authorities to reduce costs by contributing a grain of effort responsibly, so together we take a quality life, Honduras, free of pollutants.


  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Commitment to Suppliers and Customers.
  • Community engagement.
  • Honesty and Integrity.
  • Excellence in Process Management.
  • Quality.
  • Self-management.


Our mission is to facilitate the recycling process of recoverable materials such as scrap, metals and others, in the fastest and most convenient way possible, always responding efficiently to the demands of our customers and respecting the environment.


As a company, our overall objective is to become a leading company, offering a quality service for full customer satisfaction.


We supply products that meet the highest standards, satisfying customer needs with product quality and service excellence.

We base our management on the following axes:

  • Quality in the processes of collection, storage, sorting and processing of plastic waste.
  • Quality in its people, selecting, training and motivating first class professionals.
  • Continuous improvement by investing in new machinery, infrastructure, transport, etc.

How we help the Community

We manage and recover metals, PET 1 type plastic from start to finish:

We collect industrial waste wherever it is generated. For this, depending on the waste, we have different container formats and means of transport.

We receive your cargoes in our warehouses at convenient times.

We sort, select, press, shred and recover waste.

At the treatment plant, it is weighed and transferred to a specific reserved area for further treatment.
From these products, recycled raw materials are obtained for various industries internationally.

We also obtain by-products that are bagged, packaged, or deposited in special containers, ready for reuse or destruction.